How can I relieve back pain

Almost everybody will seek for back pain treatment at some point in the lives and many working days are lost every year due to back pain problems. Most of the time, this problem is partially due to factors such as poor lifting habits and postures. It is crucial that we educate ourselves on proper lifting techniques and most logistics companies include this as part of their training packages. No matter what, prevention is always better than cure. If you study the back of a human body thoroughly, you will realize that it is actually quite fragile if not taken care of properly. The centre of the back, also known as the vertebrae is a long column that is made up of 33 pieces of bones. You can feel this stretch of bone on your back prominently when you bend slightly forward. This column is then strengthened by ligaments along the spine which is then supported by muscles.

For treating of back pain problems, it is a common practice to see a chiropractor or sometimes an osteopath. These specialists are trained to manipulate your back and neck back into place in hopes of treating the pain related problems. However, bear in mind that they are not doctors and doctors generally do not like to refer their patients to them.Not all back related pain is due to external factors; sometimes, kidney infection can induce loin pain or chronic lower level back pain.

Back Pain Treatment with Supplements

It is always a good idea to employ combination tactics to treat back pains. Rather than just solely relying on external treatment such as chiropractic, it is also equally important to treat the pain from inside out. As such, taking the right kind of supplements plays a crucial part here.

To Reduce Inflammation:

Most of the time, the pain is caused by inflammation, which you can reduce its effects by taking 3 to 4 tablets of combination formula that contains boswelia, ginger and curcumin. Other than this, also consider taking cayenne pepper capsules; these can help to increase blood circulation to the affected area as well as reducing the inflammation.

To Reduce Muscle Spasm:

There are minerals out in the market that act as natural tranquilizers which can be used to reduce muscle spasm. Taking calcium (500 to 1000mg) together with magnesium (500mg) tablets on a daily basis is very effective here.

To fast Reduce Pain:

If the back pain is acute, then taking 1500mg of glucosamine everyday will be a great help. This sugar can slowly help to restore the natural fluids and tissues around the joints and in between the vertebrae. However, there are no overnight effects here and patience is needed. You can then reduce the intake to 500mg daily once you have managed to ease the pain. People who are sensitive to shellfish should go for vegetarian glucosamine instead as it is made from corn instead of crushed crab shells.

To Strengthen:

If you have visited a chiropractor before, you may be prescribed with this special supplement known as the Ligazyme Plus. This supplement contains all the minerals that are required for the support of the skeletal system. These minerals are namely, magnesium, rutin, vitamin C, calcium and bromelain. Otherwise, you can simply take vitamin C slowly over the course of the day. Take about 3 grams of vitamin C everyday in its ascorbate form. Vitamin C helps to produce collagen which is required for strengthening the tissues.

Other Ways to Treat Back Pain

Although paying a visit to a chiropractor or osteopath may be the most direct options for most people, it is also very helpful to know the other methods that can help as well.

For New Injuries:

If you just suffered from a new external injury, then wrap some ice cubes in a towel and place it on the painful area for every 10 minutes. This is very effective in relieving the immediate pain and muscle spasm. After that, you can consider visiting a doctor or other specialists such as a chiropractor, depending on the situation. Most alternative health centres also sell ice packs and pain relief gels that may help with the pain. Look out for these at your usual acupuncture, chiropractic or physiotherapy centres in your neighbourhood.

For Reducing Inflammation and Pain:

Interestingly, do you know that wearing magnets can help to provide relief from pain? By placing magnets on the painful areas, you can increase the blood flow which then brings more oxygen to the injury. This action helps to reduce inflammation as well as the swelling. If you like massages, then consider taking up aromatherapy massages more frequently. Go for eucalyptus oils, lavender and camomile since they can help to calm the muscle spasm. For constant pain, try alternating your ice packs with lavender or wheat bags. To use, simply heat them up and apply to the painful areas. You can also use good bath salts to help reduce the muscle spasm if you are unable to get hold of the wheat or lavender bags Alternative treatments such as acupuncture are also helpful in reducing inflammation and pain.

Maintaining Good Habits:

Even if you are not suffering from back pain, you should still take care of your back by going for regular back maintenance. For this, yoga can be a very good option as it helps to strengthen the spine, improves flexibility and improves posture. In the long run, this can be beneficial in protecting the back from injuries. Pilates also offers similar benefits as yoga and you should really consider taking it up if yoga is not for you.

If you work in an office, then going for long walks; walk out for lunch instead of driving. Taking long walks can help you to strengthen the abdominal muscles which are used to support the back as well.No matter what you are doing, it is always important to maintain good body postures. Having a poor posture can dramatically increase your risk of back injury and muscle spasm.

It is also time to pay special attention if you are constantly under stress and extreme fatigue. Not only does your immune system start to fail, your body in general will be the same. This will indirectly weaken your spine and as such become prone to injuries. Spend some time to look into your lifestyle again and see what changes you can make in order to get more rest.

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